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Susan Etta Hamm Stallworth finished the fifth grade, but she took care of the family finances. Will Allen was a successful farmer and land owner, and Susan Etta was housewife and was known as a great salesperson. 

Will Allen Stallworth was originally from Beatrice, Alabama and Susan Etta Stallworth was originally from Rusk,Texas. They both moved with family members to the Boley community area where they met and they later married. Twelve children were born to this union. Will Allen had some post-high school education.

Children:  Phoebe Ann Stallworth Nash, Lillie Agusta Stallworth Seward, Essie Bell Stallworth Williams, Willa Mary Stallworth King Anderson, Charlie Stallworth, Velma Odell Stallworth Reynolds, Calvin Coolidge Stallworth, Warren G. Stallworth, Lewis Dolphin Stallworth, Allen Ollie Stallworth, Dorothy Doshe Stallworth Stewart, and Benjamin Franklin Stallworth.

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